Looking for a place that can cut foam to size in the Kansas city area you have found us. Mattress Town specializes in foam cut to size. We offer many different foam densities and firmness of foam.

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Foam cut to size

Specializing in foam cut to size for just about anything you would need or want..

Foam Cushions

Looking for a place where you can buy foam cut to size in the Kansas city area look no further Mattress town is your one stop destination for all your foam needs. Mattress Town specializes in foam cut to size located in Lenexa Ks. Call Mattress Town at 913 956 0006 to place your foam cut to size order.  If you prefer to come to our show room and place a foam cut to size order we are open M-S 10:15am to 5:15pm.

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Best Foam to use when replacing foam cushions

High density foam is a great choice to use for foam cushions whether it is a foam cushion for your sofa or foam cushion for your chair selecting a high quality high density foam cushion is always a great choice. However a very important question we must ask ourselves how do we determine the correct density and ILD for a foam cushion on a piece of furniture. Foam cushions on some couches and chairs can vary from one extreme to another. The first question you have to ask your self is what do I dislike like my current sofa foam cushions or chair foam cushion? Working with thousands of customer over the past 50 years one common furniture foam cushion theme has always been wanting to go with a firmer foam cushion then what they currently have. For every 100 customers only a handful would want to have a softer foam cushion then what they currently had. The major cause of this is furniture foam cushions have cheaper less dense foam in them then they use to years ago. Within less then a year some foam cushions are already lost over 50% of there original firmness. Which in turn makes it harder to get in and out of the foam cushion in your chair , sofa , loveseat ect. In addition to the worn out cheap foam the zig zag springs or support under the sofa foam cushions wears out quicker and now it only makes everything even worse. You sink so far down that your back doesn’t line up to the lumbar support in the back sofa cushions and in hurts your back and your knees when you get up from the brand new sofa or chair that is less then a year old. I just recently replaced the foam on a $10,000 piece of furniture and surprisingly enough the customer said the foam was to soft in the brand new $10,000 piece of furniture. So getting back to the original foam cushion firmness question becomes much easier when you look at what thousands of customer have done in the past. Going with a high density firm foam cushion is a good way to go for a seat cushion. Of course if you are saying to yourself right about now that is completely wrong I want a soft foam cushion then you now know what type of sofa foam cushion to get.

Moving onto back foam cushions which is a totally different animal all together.  Back cushions can be tricky because it is a balance of getting the right support while staying true to the manufacturers design .  Not only is comfort important but aesthetically  the look of the back foam cushions has to stay true to the design.  If you change your back foam cushions to a firm or extra firm foam cushion you pay the price of getting a flatter less rounded looking back cushion.  Sure you may want the extra super firm but it may no longer look anything like the original design or style  that your sofa or couch was meant to be.